IN BLANKSTARE NEWS: We Fear Public Toilets

Even before COVID-19, public bathrooms had a reputation for spreading germs.

Even before COVID-19, public bathrooms had a reputation for spreading germs.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • You can count on me being severely dehydrated until we get a vaccine.
  • Might quit my morning coffee routine to ensure fewer trips to the office bathroom.
  • Of the 36 million unemployed Americans, what percentage would return to work cleaning bathrooms? Offices will need more housekeeping employees.
  • Pretty sure the women's bathrooms are more filthy than the men's.
  • Could be higher productivity as bathroom breaks become as fast as possible.

Much of the nation feels antsy to get back to normal. We crave dining in restaurants, watching live sports, drinking with strangers and sitting in a darkened movie theater eating popcorn. We also feel antsy in the age of COVID-19 about public toilets.

Bathrooms filled with germs are a “stumbling block” to re-opening for business. It’s a top concern for people. The owner of Sunset Drive-In Theater in California said, (quote) “Before we open, we want to have for your safety the restroom problem solved.”

McDonald’s now requires franchises to clean the bathroom stalls every 30 minutes. Some places are removing bathroom doors to avoid the virus sticking to entrance handles. Touch-free sinks and paper towel dispensers are being installed. Many business have removed the hot air blow dryers. 

Other places have reduced, in the men’s room, the number of urinals, which “now seem too close together.” (The Washington Post)

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