MONEYBAGG YO: Lights, Camera, Action!

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Artists these days have to have range. It's not enough anymore to be "just" a rapper. 
  • This movie would have way more buzz if he was still with MeganThee Stallion.
  • Put Hot Girl Meg in the project and you'll do numbers every time.
  • We've seen plenty of rappers with acting chops try their hand in Hollywood over the years. From Tupac to T.I. and everyone in between. 
Tidal X Rock The Vote Benefit Concert

Tidal X Rock The Vote Benefit Concert

Moneybagg Yo is getting into the movie business.

The Memphis rapper hopes to prove that he’s a double threat with a new flick called Heartless. He says the movie features “four situations about how fast your life can change in one day.” He mentioned premiering the movie in a theater, which suggests it might be intended for streaming or video on demand release after that. He says the movie will drop “At the top of the year.” 

Moneybagg says he wanted to act so that fans could “see another side of me” and to let people see that he can “do other stuff besides make good music.”

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