YUNG JOC: Here's What Really Happened

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Rapper, reality star, radio host, rideshare driver. He’s a “Joc of All Trades.” 
  • I'll bet you dollars to donuts there's more to this story. He's probably an investor in the app and doing all of this for free marketing. 
  • What kid cares about what Yung Joc is doing? 
  • Yung Joc laid out the bait for social media and people took it! 
  • There's no shame in grinding at a day job or a side hustle to provide for you and your family. 
  • Yes kids, you can be anything you want if you believe in yourself. Even a washed-up rapper-turned-rideshare driver. Reach for the stars! 

Yung Joc says he’s not driving a rideshare car for himself -- it’s for the kids.

The Atlanta rapper and reality star went viral this week when he was spotted driving for an app called Pull Up N Go. A video was taken by a supposed passenger, telling the driver he looked like Yung Joc and wondering whether he’s fallen on hard times. Joc later confirmed it was him on the video when he posted a screenshot of the app to his Instagram. 

Joc tells TMZthat it’s more than a side hustle, it’s actually an opportunity to inspire and motivate the youth, like the children he works with through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta. The moral of the story is you should never be too ashamed or prideful to take on a new gig. 

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