Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock Of Abandoning Infant Son To Go On A Date

Blueface and Chrisean Rock

Photo: Getty Images

Blueface is criticizing Chrisean Rock parenting skills once again in a scathing video that's currently making the rounds.

In the early hours of Monday morning, December 4, Blueface posted a video to his Instagram Story in which he accused Rock of ditching their infant son so that she could allegedly go out on a date. In the video, you can see Blueface holding Chrisean Jr. in one arm while he yells at Rock's friend Marsh, who was reportedly caring for the child.

"It's crazy my son ain't got no parent at four in the morning," Blueface said in the video. "Nobody wanna watch him."


"She got Marsh, she got Marsh watching the baby at four in the morning so she can what? Get some d**k? Do a verse? F**k a n***a?" he continued. "All this so you could do a verse? Suck some d**k? You a boonk b***h."

The former couple has been bickering over their child since Rock announced she was pregnant at the top of the year. After she gave birth in August, Blueface began to criticize how she's raising the baby on her own, especially since the child allegedly exhibited signs of medical issues. Rock was able to get their son the medical attention he needed, which appeared to help alleviate some of the parents' woes.

According to TMZ, Blueface and Rock recently called for a truce in order to spend Thanksgiving together. However, it seems like their peaceful phase has ended. As of this report, Rock has not responded to Blueface's allegations.

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