Man Drives Off Cliff In California And Survives With No Injuries

Emeka Nwokolo believes in miracles after he escaped relatively unscathed when his car flew off a mountainside in Malibu, California. He was driving in the rain on Mulholland Highway when he heard a loud noise and lost control of his vehicle. His car flew off the roadway and flipped upside down as it plunged over a cliff.

"The next thing I see is … I just saw myself rolling multiple times, and then I landed right there," Nwokolo told KABC in an interview near the scene of the crash. "I was struggling trying to find my way out, and there was no way I could come outside."

After about an hour, Nwokolo managed to kick open the rear door and climbed out of his mangled vehicle. He then clawed his way back up the mountainside, digging a pair of scissors into the ground with each step as he made his way up the muddy slope.

Once he was back on the road, Nwokolo flagged down a driver, who called 911. When paramedics arrived, they were amazed that Nwokolo only suffered a few scratches in the crash

"It's a miracle, it's something like a second chance at life for me," he said. "God saved me. It's not my time."

Nwokolo, who is a boxer and fitness instructor, went back to the crash a few days later to retrieve his cell phone and a few other belongings from his vehicle. 

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