Disturbing Commercial For Bathroom Cleaner Goes Viral

It's not easy to advertise products having to do with a bathroom, and commercials for some of those items can get a little weird - Charmin has a whole campaign about bears who use toilet paper. However, one commercial going viral might take the cake for the strangest. It's from Method, a company that makes naturally-derived, biodegradable, non-toxic soap, household cleaners and more.

The ad begins with happy soap suds cleaning a tub and singing about the "shine-tastic job" they do, all while a smiling woman watches on excitedly. A product called Shiny Suds is shown and the screen fades to black. There's then another scene, likely from the next morning, of the woman in a robe announcing when breakfast would be. She takes off her robe and pulls back the shower curtain and is shocked to be greeted by the suds as they say "morning" in unison.

She asks why they are still there and they explain that they are chemical residue left from the cleaner, adding creepily, "We give you the impression of clean and then we get to watch you clean." They then suggest she take her shower and as she does, clearly uncomfortable, the suds make lewd comments and gawk. They also ask her to use her loofah and chant until she does, then they cheer and sing their "shine-tastic suds" song in much dirtier way.

At that point, a phrase on the screen reads, "You deserve to know what chemicals are in your cleaners. Support the Household Product Labeling Act," and Method's logo is shown. The Household Product Labelling Act helps consumers understand the quality and performance of the products they by.

The comments are almost as wild as the commercial itself and range from "Can't she just pop them?" to "Imagine if the Shiny Suds were sprayed inside the toilet" to "I would get my grandma to shower in there, that'll show them."

The spot actually came out in 2009 but was pulled over complaints of sexism since it seems to promote harassment. At the time, Method apologized but clearly the commercial is still out there and continues to go viral.

Photo: YouTube

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