California Man Assaulted At Bar After Being Mistaken For Child Predator

A California man says he was assaulted outside of a bar after an intoxicated patron mistook him for a child predator suspect. Investigators released a computer-generated sketch of a suspect accused of making sexual comments to an 11-year-old girl back in May and 34-year-old Kevin Martin noticed the image resembled him. He contacted the Corona police because he was worried people might think he was the suspect. Deputies interviewed him and cleared of any wrong-doing.

Unfortunately, the image is still being circulated online, and Martin was confronted while he was trying to enjoy some drinks at a local bar. A customer approached him and asked to speak with him outside. As the two men were going outside, another man followed them out the door. The customers believed Martin was the culprit and issued him a warning

"We don't allow your kind in here," one of the men told Martin. "I have a daughter, and I would kill guys like you."

The two men then began to punch Martin as a crowd of people gathered around. He pleaded with the attackers to stop and as he tried to convince them he was not the suspect.

"If you keep punching me like this, you're going to kill me," he told them.

Luckily, two people broke up the fight as deputies arrived on the scene.

"I probably got 20 to 25 to blows back of the head. Four in the face, two in the jaw and one in the forehead," Martin told CNN.

One of the men was taken into custody on suspicion of battery. Martin is at home recovering from his injuries.

Police are still trying to locate the child predator suspect, but have not had any leads since the incident occurred back in May.

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