Two Middle School Girls in Florida Arrested After 'Hit List' Found

Two middle school girls in Avon Park Florida have been accused of plotting to kill at least nine other students they placed on a "hit list," the Highlands County Sheriff's Office said.

The two 14-year-old girls at Avon Park Middle School were taken into custody Wednesday after a teacher informed law enforcement about their plan to harm their fellow students off campus.

According to the sheriff's office, the teacher saw the girls frantically searching for a folder in the classroom, acting "hysterical" and expressing worry they might be arrested.

"I'm just going to tell them it's a prank if they call me or find it," one of the girls reportedly said.

Before the students could locate the folder, the teacher found it, and discovered the girls' detailed plans to make contact with nine victims they planned on killing. The notebook also contained notes about guns and even included a plan on how to transport at least three of their potential victims before killing them.

The teacher alerted the school's resource officer after finding the notes.

"The plans identify the suspects would obtain firearms and use the firearms to kill the victims," according to the arrest report obtained by NBC News. "The plans further speak about the transportation of the victims' bodies to other locations and their disposal, specifically burning and burying their bodies."

Both girls are facing nine counts of conspiracy to commit murder and three counts of conspiracy to commit kidnapping. They've been taken to a juvenile facility in Bartow, arrest records show.

Photo: Getty Images

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