World Record Firework Attempt Explodes Seconds After Launch

A Colorado man's attempt to set a world record by launching a massive fireworks shell with a diameter of 62 inches failed when it exploded seconds after launching. Tim Borden has been trying to break the record for six years, and it took a team one month, working eight hour days, to construct his latest shell.

Borden launched the firework from the Howelsen Hill Ski Area in Steamboat Springs and had hoped it would travel one mile into the sky before exploding. Unfortunately, the shell detonated seconds after launch, sending sparks shooting upwards into the night sky.

Borden said that he was 95% confident that it would work, but admitted it might fail.

“There’s no data to tell us how much explosives to put underneath 2,500 pounds to get it sufficiently up in the air to explode and have everybody see it,” Borden told Steamboat Pilot & Today.

Borden said he plans to try again next year.

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