in blankstare news: Now That's a Drug Bust!

in blankstare news: Now That's a Drug Bust!

A Florida woman gave new meaning to the term "drug bust" when a correction officer at a detention facility searched her and found a packet of heroin inside her bra – which she says she didn't know was there.

One of Kasandra Burton's fellow inmates spilled the beans to the guard, who entered Burton's cell and asked her about the drugs – which she initially denied having. When the officer performed the pat-down, she found the dope, at which point Burton said she had no idea how it got there.

Eventually, her memory cleared up, and she said she recalled having it four days before, when she was taken into custody, but didn't think of it until the search – since she hadn't removed it in that whole time. She was charged with smuggling contraband into a detention facility. (NWF Daily News)




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