in blankstare news: Crook-Nado!

in blankstare news: Crook-Nado!

Forget Shark-Nado ... one Tennessee man found himself in big trouble over a Theft-Nado – which hit his house and littered his neighbor's lawn with stuff he'd stolen from them over the years.

The perfect storm turned out to be not so perfect for Jerrod Christian, since it blew the windows out of his house at the same time it blew his cover as a good neighbor. Ed Cleek, who lives next door to Christian's place, said, "My house was torn up pretty badly, so I was checking things up. Then someone called me and said: ‘Hey, I think that’s your air compressor. You want to take a look?’”

Other neighbors gathered around and gathered up items that had gone missing from their garages and sheds as well. Christian wasn't around to clean up his own mess, since he was already in jail on charges that he'd stolen his girlfriend's van and threatened cops who busted him on that charge. (Kingsport Times-News)




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