DAVE CHAPPELLE: Documentary Explains the Demise of the Chappelle's Show

DAVE CHAPPELLE: Documentary Explains the Demise of theChappelle's Show

Dave Chappelle is back in the spotlight, performing several dates at New York's famed Radio City Music Hall with some of hip-hop's biggest stars, but fans still have questions about abrupt end of Chappelle's Show.

Premiering in January 2003, Chappelle's Show ran for two complete seasons. The planned premiere of a third season was later released as "The Lost Episode" after the Ohio native walked away from his reported $50 million contract with Comedy Central. 

After years of speculation and rumors, a documentary finally attempts to shed some light on Dave's decision. Chappelle’s Show: The 50 Million Dollar Question is a two-hour film created by editor Brandon Farley featuring interviews with Chappelle and co-creator Neal Brennan. It argues that corporate interests and pressure to succeed led to demise of one the greatest sketch comedy shows of all time. 

According to Vulture, the documentary was uploaded to YouTube more than a year about but was removed. It's now available on Vimeo





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