CHRIS BROWN: Welcome Home Jam

CHRIS BROWN: Welcome Home Jam

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Recently released Chris Brown was in Beverly Hills last night (Thursday), where his girlfriend Karrueche Tran threw him a star-studded welcome-home party.

According to TMZ, Brown (who looks like he put on a few pounds in prison) was led blindfolded into the party by Karrueche as a DJ blasted his hit "Loyal." Once inside, he partied and danced with celebs like TygaBig SeanAmber Rose and T-Pain

Brown has made a point of saying he's giving up drugs now that he's free. And T-Pain did tell TMZ that there was no weed smoked in the party, though people were drinking. 

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Say what you want about Karrueche, she's "Loyal."
  • Seems like Chris isn't quite ready to give up the party lifestyle yet. 
  • Would you want a party when you get out of jail? Or just chill for a while? 
  • Maybe this could've waited until Chris gets all of his legal issues behind him.



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