Good morning Steve and the morning crew,

My ex-husband and I split over five years ago due to him being physically abusive and multiple affairs. One being the 21 year old woman he eventually left his family for. The last time I saw this woman she was hiding in a closet because I caught her and him together. I was emotional I threw a brick it happened to land in the backseat of her car I felt bad and got it fixed the next day. Fast forward, I moved on with my life, ridiculously happily remarried, joined the Army, and moved away with our three children! In one week I have to meet my ex and the girlfriend to hand over the kids for the summer at my ex’s request. He asked that I apologize to his girlfriend for the brick incident over four years ago. How do I even start this conversation? How does this woman get the audacity as the mistress to ask me to apologize? I understand I am commanded to forgive and love but really? What would you say?