I am a 28 year old mother of two boys who has been involved in a relationship with an older man for five years (he's 40 now). Age is not a problem, he is the problem. This fella, not man has cheated on me I don't know how many times but I still take him back. As a matter of fact, he left a woman to be with me which should have been the first sign that he as a DOG, but oh well, my bad. That same woman used to cause so much confusion in my life that we even went through court, he and I, to get a restraining order on the psycho, but if I only knew. All of the mess hit the fan when we moved to Florida to "get away from her and the problems"; she moves to Kansas, has a child and says he is the father!!! And yes, DNA was an option but no he didn't take the test. I know you are going to say I'm the darn fool, but the time that I have put into the relationship and the fact that my sons love him to death because he is the only father they have ever really known are the only reasons I haven't put his clothes outside in a garbage bag and set them on fire. I am currently going through the process of rededicating my life to God but I still have this stronghold on me that is so hard to let go of. I know what the right thing to do is but honestly I want to hear from someone on the outside. Please tell me to that I am doing the right thing and just as assurance that I am not making a mistake by starting over and explaining to my kids why he will no longer be around.