Dear mo I already have a 7 year old & his father is no longer with us. I've raised him on my own & I've been with my current boyfriend for 4 years (he's older than me, with no children) he's always made it clear that he doesn't want children. He has conversations with my son & provides for him but they don't really have a close relationship. My son is closer to his Unc...le. Anyway... things slipped up and I'm pregnant. I of course initially wanted to keep the baby, but my boyfriend was adamant that he wanted me to get rid of it.

  I didn't. We argue constantly because he doesn't want the baby & he doesn't want to be with me if I have it. At this point I looked into adoption but I just cant see myself doing that. What can I do to get him to support this baby? He's threatened to leave me. Should I do what he wants & give my baby away?