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(Yahoo!) - Hip-hop star Future is building steady momentum for his album, Honest, due out on April 22, releasing videos for "Move That Dope" and "Covered N Money" over the last few weeks.

The artist, who features Pharrell, Kanye West, Drake and Andre 3000 on his album, said "Move That Dope" reminds him of his late aunt.

*Warning: Explicit language 

It's not the drug dealing subject matter that sparks the memories, but the video's 1980s vibe, and the song's use of a lyric from Salt N Pepa's 1987 hit "Push It."

"I felt like that record connected me with my auntie also because it was like the spirit of my auntie," Future told Yahoo Music during an exclusive interview. "I was just around that record, not because what I'm talking about. It was because I remember her always used to always want me to dance to that Salt N Pepa 'Push It' song."

Future's aunt would entice him to dance for her. "'Man, Do the 'Push It' dance. Push it, push it, push it. Imma give you a dollar. Imma give you a dollar if you do the dance,'" he said, remembering her requests.

Future's aunt was a diehard fan of the female rap group that scored a number of hits including "Whatta Man," "Let's Talk About Sex," "Shoop," and "Expression." "When I was young that was one of her favorite songs," he said about "Push It." "Like my auntie she loved Salt N Pepa. She used to dress like them. With the tights, shorts, dookie shorts with the thick socks and sh-t with Reebox on. That song still to this day. Every time I hear that line, 'Ah, push it,' I remember. … It reminds me of my auntie."

Future and his fiancée Ciara are expecting soon their first child together.

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