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Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel are putting their recent feud behind them.  On Wednesday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kanye sat down and explained why he was so upset with Jimmy's skit that parodied a recent interview he did with the BBC. 

Kanye responded to the spoof by launching a number of uncensored tweets and also phoned Jimmy himself.  During the phone call, Kanye says he was able to vent his anger about what he calls "bogus" reports in the media.  Things apparently got heated during the phone conversation as both of their egos began to clash and, as Kanye says, the two "took it back high school." 

Last night, things looked like they were going to get tense again, as Jimmy pointed out that many people believe Kanye is a "jerk."  The comment drew a harsh stare from the hip-hop star, but Jimmy was just using the observation as a segue to assure people that the Kanye West he personally knows is not a jerk.  

Kanye also cleared up something that was on everybody's mind - whether the feud was all a publicity stunt.  He says he's never done a publicity stunt in his entire life.  He explained that every time he's been able to speak his mind it's been the truth and was never for the sake of publicity.  

Jimmy ended the interview - which went long and edged out the night's musical guest the Arctic Monkeys - by giving Kanye something of a peace offering.  As a gift to Kanye's newborn daughter, North West, Jimmy gave Kanye a miniature pair of leather jogging pants.  Kanye had spoken about the piece of attire in the interview that was parodied by Jimmy Kimmel.  

Watch the Kanye-mazingness below:

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