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Wale is lending his talents to Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin The Third. 

The rapper recorded a song called "No Pain No Gain" for an upcoming documentary about the football star called "RG-3: The Will to Win." 

Wale tells that on the track he did his best to "speak for" Griffin.  While creating the song, the rapper says he tried to "get inside of Robert's mind," and to imagine what he would rap about. 

Wale also explains that getting involved with the documentary was a "no-brainer" because he's a "big supporter" of Griffin and "what he stands for."  

The rapper - who first started following Griffin's career while he was still in college - says he never thought his hometown team would draft RGIII. 

"RGIII: The Will To Win" will air on August 27th on ESPN. 

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