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Meek Mill is taking aim at Kendrick Lamar for his verse Big Sean's song "Control."  On "Control," Kendrick declared himself the "king of New York," while also calling out his competition by name, including Meek Mill. 

Over the weekend, Meek Mill released the diss track "Ooh Kill Em."  Set against the beat to Dr. Dre's "Forgot About Dre," the track finds Meek Mill calling out Kendrick for claiming he's the "king Of New York."  Meek also raps that he makes songs for the streets, while Kendrick raps for a more elitist audience.  

This weekend Meek Mill also found himself the target of a diss track by Cassidy called "Catch A Body."  Cassidy's track was a response to a track Mill released last week called "Kendrick You Next."