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The success of Juicy J's so-called "Twerking Scholarship" is inspiring the rapper to continue providing opportunities for college hopefuls. 

In an interview with, the Three Six Mafia emcee says he plans to start a Juicy J Scholarship Foundation.  Apart from helping people with their school costs, Juicy J also hopes the fund can be used to help out homeless people. 

Juicy J also took the opportunity to point out that while the previous scholarship was advertised as a "Twerking Scholarship," it "wasn't really about twerking."  Instead, the fine print only required contestants to submit a video explaining why they deserved the scholarship.  It eventually went to a 19-year-old, non-twerking mother who is a student at State College of Florida.  

Sticking to the topic of twerking, Juicy J says if he had a choice to twerk with any celebrity, he would choose singer Adele.  Apparently, he made the choice because he enjoys her music.  As for who is the best celebrity twerker, Juicy J gave that honor to Miley Cyrus.  

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