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50 Cent says he tried to give career advice to Chief Keef, but the embattled emcee "didn't listen."  In a radio interview, the G-Unit leader explains that he thought he could help Chief Keef because he saw similarities to the beginning of his own career. 

50 says the 17-year old up-and-coming rapper is "completely influenced" by his environment.  While that may cause Chief Keef to get "bumped around" at first, 50 says Keef can change things if he catches on and realizes his potential.  Once he becomes aware of his actions, Fif says Chief Keef will be able to "evolve into something significant."  

Chief Keef has been arrested numerous times this year.  He was recently picked up on a misdemeanor trespassing charge, shortly after leaving a Skokie, Illinois courtroom to plead guilty to a speeding charge.  In May he was arrested in Georgia for allegedly smoking marijuana in a hotel room.  

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