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1. The idea of creating the Augusta National golf course was a brainchild of the recently-retired Robert (Bobby) Tyre Jones Jr and: 
a. Montgomery Cliff 
b. Clark M. Clifford 
c. Clifford Roberts

ANSWER: c. Clifford Roberts


2. Georgia-native Jones had achieved fame in 1930:
a. Wing walking on the Spirit of St. Louis flown by Charles Lindberg 
b. Playing the banjo accompaniment on Chaliapin's US concert tour 
c. Winning golf's 'Grand Slam', (a.k.a. 'The Impregnable Quadrilateral`)

ANSWER: Winning golf's 'Grand Slam', (a.k.a. 'The Impregnable Quadrilateral`)

3. The course was formally opened in 1933, but the architect died just months before the first Augusta Invitational was played. Who was he?

a. Harry Vardon 
b. Harry Colt 
c. Alister Mackenzie

ANSWER: Alister Mackenzie


4.Which statement about the genial Scot is correct? He had: 
a. Served in the Boer and 'Great' War, as an Army major 
b. Been a camouflage specialist as a lieutenant in the Royal Engineers 
c. Qualified as a doctor in medicine



5. The 'Course Doctor' – who also designed Royal Melbourne and Cypress Point – was especially known for his: 
a. Abundance of blind holes 
b. Reliance on heavy rough to trap off-line drives 
c. Brilliant bunker placement

ANSWER: c. Brilliant bunker placement


6. Jones and Mackenzie decided to construct the 'world's wonder inland course' incorporating holes copied from St Andrews (2), Cypress Point (2), and North Berwick. They did not copy a hole from one of the following courses: 
a. Muirfield 
b. Prestwick 
c. Alwoodly (Leeds)

ANSWER: b. Prestwick 


7. The original Masters Tournament was played for the first five years as the Augusta National Invitational. In which year was this first held?: 
a. 1924 
b. 1934 
c. 1944

ANSWER: b. 1934 


8.Who won it? 
a. Sam Snead 
b. Horton Smith 
c. Ben Hogan

ANSWER: b. Horton Smith 


9. The winner finished birdie, par, to edge which future champion by one stroke: 
a. Byron Nelson 
b. Craig Wood
c. Gene Sarazen

ANSWER: b. Craig Wood


10. Victory was worth: 
a. $100 
b. $1,000 
c. $10,000

ANSWER: b. $1,000 


11. When Jones and Roberts decided to hold their inaugural tournament, they differed on what to call it. Roberts preferred the: 
a. Bobby Jones Invitational 
b. The Southern Open 
c. Masters Championship

ANSWER: c. Masters Championship


12. The original name was changed to the Masters Championship in: 
a. 1949 
b. 1939 
c. 1929

ANSWER: b. 1939 


13. Until the Augusta National Golf Club was built, the pre-eminent local links was the: 
a. Aiken Country Club 
b. Augusta Country Club 
c. Goshen Plantation Golf Club

ANSWER: b. Augusta Country Club 


14. The Augusta Country Club and the Augusta National Golf Course are separated by: 
a. The Okefenokee Swamp 
b. Washington Road 
c. Rae's Creek

ANSWER: c. Rae's Creek


15. The three-story Augusta National Club House, with 18-inch thick walls, is believed to be the first concrete house built in the South.Who did Bobby Jones bring in to modernise it? 
a. Frank Lloyd Wright 
b. Corbusier 
c. Willis Irvin

ANSWER: c. Willis Irvin


16. Tradition dictates that the winners of the British and US Amateur Championships are invited to stay in an apartment in the clubhouse for the duration of the tournament. It's known as: 
a. The Crow's Nest 
b. The Magnolia Suite 
c. The Tiger's Den

ANSWER: a. The Crow's Nest 


17.While green jackets have been member's uniforms at Augusta for over 70 years, the presentation of a green jacket to the new champion originated in 1949 – who was the first player to receive one?: 
a. Sam Snead 
b. Ben Hogan 
c. Charles Coody

ANSWER: a. Sam Snead 


18. Of all the trees at Augusta, none is more famous than the Eisenhower pine. The former US president and member hit it so often he proposed it be cut down, but Augusta Chairman Clifford Roberts overruled him. At which hole is the tree a feature?: 
a. 14th 
b. 17th 
c. 7th

ANSWER: b. 17th 


19. The first sudden-death playoff in Masters history took place in 1979 and was won by Fuzzy Zoeller. It was a three-way playoff featuring Tom Watson and which other player?: 
a. David Graham 
b. Ed Sneed 
c. Seve Ballesteros

ANSWER: b. Ed Sneed 


20. The first player to win two consecutive Masters was?: 
a. Tiger Woods 
b. Sam Snead 
c. Jack Nicklaus

ANSWER: c. Jack Nicklaus